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Concret Block Retaining Wall

Concrete block retaining walls are among the more modern and popular type of retaining walls. Concrete block retaining wall contractors artificially produce the concrete blocks, giving you more flexibility and variety when choosing the look of your retaining wall. Kelowna concrete block retaining walls are generally design to be set on compacted bases of gravel, and will always remain strong when pressure is applied.

Pros of Concrete Blocks

The biggest advantage of concrete walls is that they are extremely durable and can last an entire century without needing to be replaced, and they also require minimum maintenance in that time period. Concrete blocks also come in many different shapes and sizes, and depending on a discussion with your local concrete retaining wall contractors, they can even be curved. Kelowna concrete block retaining walls are also very easy to install compared to other types of retaining walls, and are also eco-friendly. They are non toxic, do not emit any allergens or dangerous chemicals.
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Cons of Concrete Blocks

Concrete block retaining walls need to be designed very carefully as there could be drainage issues, and the lack of support can affect durability, so make sure to speak to concrete block retaining wall contractors before making your decision. If you ever decide you don’t like your concrete block retaining wall and want to change it, you will have a lot of work on your hands. Concrete block retaining walls require many many hours of work to dismantle and it can be troublesome. Lastly, the height of these walls is generally restricted to 4 feet. For example if you’re looking to raise your garden up to keep it away from deer or taller animals, you’ll need to look into a different type of wall.


Step 1

The first step is to mark the placement of your kelowna concrete block retaining wall. You can do this by just using a shovel and marking the ground where you want the wall to be built. Then take wooden stakes and drive them into the ground. If the distance between the stakes is greater than 8’, drive additional stakes into the ground so the gaps are not larger than 8’. Then tie a string at the desired height of your wall and stretch it across all the following stakes. Also make sure to use a string level to make sure it is consistent all the way across.

Step 2

The next step is to prepare the base of your wall. Using an excavator, excavate the area to a depth of 8 inches. Then spread about 4 inches of gravel evenly in the trench, and use a rake to smooth the gravel out. Then use a power tamper to level the entire area. Lastly, make sure to level the entire area, and add or remove gravel wehre to necessary to make sure it is perfectly level.

Step 3

Now it’s time to start building your Kelowna concrete block retaining wall. Start at one end and place the first row of concrete blocks with the top sie up on the crushed rock we added from step 2. Make sure the front lip is facing up and towards the front facing side of the wall. While doing this make sure you are checking it with a level, and using a rubber mallet to adjust if necessary. Lastly, fill each concrete block with crushed gravel.

Step 4

This step is critical in building concrete block retaining walls in Kelowna, so make sure you do not skip it. Take corrugated drainage pipe and run it behind the first row of blocks to where water can exit safely. Also make sure to slip a drain sleeve over the pipe to filter out sediment so the pipe does not get clogged.

Step 5

Now we are going to lay down the remaining concrete blocks. Sweep away any debris from the first row of bricks and start stacking the second row, making sure to check the levels again all the way through. As with the first row, add crushed gravel to each block and also add crushed gravel behind the wall to cover the drainage pipe we added in step 4. Continue with each row until you have reached your desired height.

Step 6

The last step in installing your Kelowna concrete block retaining wall is to lay the capstones. Take your capstones and lay them down ontop of your last row of blocks. Secure them in place with a concrete adhesive and caulking gun, then firmly press down on each block. Follow the instructions on the adhesive to let it try properly.
If you’re looking for a modern style retaining wall to give your yard some character, and also want a cost effective solution, then concrete block retaining walls are perfect for you. So when doing your research make sure to look up concrete retaining wall contractors near me, and contact us at Fuller’s Landscaping Company for a free quote!

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