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Verti-Block Retaining Wall

Verti-Block retaining walls are quickly becoming the engineered retaining wall of choice throughout the Okanagan Valley. Due to the size, strength, and durability of Verti-Block, we can appreciate the newfound interest in this exceptional product. Read more below about how Kelowna Landscapers like Fuller’s landscape Co. are turning to these unique engineered products for projects of all sizes and scopes in Kelowna landscaping. 

Pros of Verti Block Walls

Verti Block is extremely versatile when it comes to constructing retaining walls in Kelowna.  Verti block walls are the newest retaining wall solutions on the market today. As such this entirely new retaining wall system has been designed to be as beautiful as it is innovative.

These wall systems are unique because they have removed tons of weight (literally) from the blocks. This makes them much easier to install. Verti also incorporated engineering techniques that eliminate placement errors and allow for more flexibility with drainage — saving time and money. Perhaps one of the most obvious qualities is that they are easy on the eyes, too, so they add to the beauty of every landscape.

verti block in kelowna

verti block delivery in Kelowna

Cons of Verti Block Retaining Walls

Other than site access limitations there aren’t really any Cons to establishing a Verti Block wall. Verti Block looks great and weighs much less than wall products of a similar price point and size.

Get in touch with Fuller’s Landscape Co. today if you’re considering Verti for your next project. We’ve been building these all over town and would love to collaborate on your next engineered wall project with you!


Having a beautifully built retaining wall can really improve the look of your landscaping, and the overall exterior of your home. That’s why it’s critical to hire retaining wall specialists when planning this type of project. At Fuller’s Landscaping Company we will work with you to come up with a plan for your landscaping needs, and build the retaining wall to suit those needs.  But before doing that, it is helpful to know what type of retaining wall you are interested in.

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