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Gabion Retaining Wall Builder Kelowna

Gabion (from the Italian word Gabbia, which stands for cage) is an old method of building retaining walls. That sums up exactly what a Gabion retaining walls are – they are cages made of wire or steel rods, that are filled with rock or rubble. Due to how they are built, Gabion walls are becoming more popular these days as people are becoming more eco-friendly, and Gabion retaining walls can be filled with any type of recyclable material like crushed concrete, and many other materials. Just ask your local gabion wall contractors.

Pros of Gabion

Gabion rock walls are very heavy and will stay firmly in place, even through the biggest rain storms. They are also very flexible in terms of design and setup and will fit in any kind of backyard setup. All retaining wall specialists will agree that one of the biggest pros of Gabio retaining walls is that they are modular. This means that each section of the wall can be easily replaced or upgraded. For instance, you can add plants or vegetation to the gaps in the wall to reinforce it further. Gabion retaining walls can also be built with minimal knowledge of building a retaining wall, but we do still recommend speaking to gabion wall contractors to ensure it is done properly.
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Cons of Gabion

Gabion rock walls do not always look the best, depending on the type of home and yard you have. The do tend to work better with homes near water or the ocean. But you also need to be wary of rust as the cage can start to rust if not properly cared for. Along with rust, the elements within the cage can also start to corrode, so you need to consult your local retaining wall builders to make sure it is built with these things in mind.


Step 1

The first step is to mark the placement of your kelowna Gabion retaining wall. You can do this by just using a shovel and marking the ground where you want the wall to be built. Then take wooden stakes and drive them into the ground. Alse make sure to examine the ground, if the ground is too soft then you’ll want to add a small layer of gravel for extra support. But be sure to lay down landscaping fabric first, so that no weeds begin to pike through.

Step 2

Use a hoe to smooth out the dirt or gravel you just laid down. Place a board on top and use a level to ensure the base is totally level.

Step 3

Next you’ll be installing the wire baskets or mesh. You’ll either want to purchase pre-made gabion wire baskets or wire mesh, such as chicken wire. But it may be best to speak to gabion wall contractors, and ask what they recommend. Also make sure whatever you buy has been treated to protect against corrosion.

Step 4

Place the baskets on the ground where you have chosen to build the wall. If it is a pre-made basket, and the sides are already attached to the base, they them flat down with the base in the right location. If they are not attached, place the base in the right location, and sides in position around the base.

If you are using wire mesh then cut a base and a lid of the same size, two ends of the same size, and two equal sides. Put the base in position, and all the sides you just cut out, around it.

For baskets, make sure to take the galvanized wire and wrap it around the corners and sides to make the rectangle shape, and leave the lid open for now so you can fill it with the rocks of your choice. For wire mesh, follow the same steps but leave the lid open.

Step 5

Now it’s time to start filling your Kelowna gabion retaining wall with rocks. Take flat rocks and place them with the flat side facing out, and use angled rocks or corner-shaped rocks for the corners. Then use cement blocks to fill up the inside, or you can even use gabion baskets to save rocks and time. As you are doing this, make sure you are placing wired cross braces every 3 to 6 inches, as this will prevent bulging. Also make sure to use galvanized wire to attach them at each side.

Step 6

Lastly, once you have finished filling your wall take the lids and wire them on the top.

If you are looking to install a gabion retaining wall to your Kelowna home near the water, and are also looking to do it yourself, then this is the type of retaining wall for you. That being said, it is always to consult a professional, so look up gabion wall contractors near you and ask them for advice. We at Fuller’s Landscaping Company would be more than happy to help.

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