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Fieldstone/Boulder Retaining Wall

If you’re looking for a natural retaining wall, then boulder retaining walls are the one for you. All retaining wall specialists will tell you that retaining walls need to be strong to support the land behind it, and boulders are perfect for this. Boulder retaining walls have a look that many people are looking for, so they have become quite popular.

Pros of Fieldstone/Boulder

The biggest pro of boulder retaining walls is the natural look they can achieve. They also come in many different shapes and colors, and are very easy to maintain. According to many retaining wall contractors, boulder walls are also less expensive than most types of retaining walls.
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Cons of Boulders

Because boulders are generally quite big, you will need a larger yard space to build a boulder retaining wall. You also will not be able to build these walls too high.


Step 1

The first thing you’ll need to do is determine where you want to place your wall. Using wooden stakes, place them every 8 feet to reach the desired length, and tie a string around each one and connecting them at the height you want. Make sure to use a line level to ensure the string is level. Next use a shovel or excavator to carve out the dirt wall the boulders will lay against. Make sure the wall slants inwards gradually.

Step 2

Next you’ll want to place landscape fabric along the dirt wall and on the ground where you are laying your boulders.

Step 3

Now it’s time to start laying your boulders. Local retaining wall builders will recommend that you choose rocks of many different sizes (large, medium, and small). You can choose from fieldstone, granits, limestone, or other types. Start building your wall by using the bigger stones first and laying them on top of the landscape fabric. Make sure the boulders are touching each other, as well as the landscape fabric and dirt wall behind it.

Step 4

Now start laying down the second layer, being sure that the boulders you use fit the contour of the row below, and that they are touching the back of the wall. If you’re wanting to add some variation to the look of your wall, you can turn rocks sideways and lay them down vertically. They may take up 2 rows but if done properly they can look really good. Each row after this can be done in the same way.

Step 5

Now that you’ve done all the layers you can fill all the big gaps with smaller rocks. If you’re looking to add some landscape rock at the top then lay down the landscape fabric before hand. If not, then you’ll want to cut the fabric where the wall ends and seal the edges of the fabric with flame.

Fieldstone/Boulder retaining walls are perfect for people looking for a very natural landscape look to their yard. If you are interested in building one of these walls look online for rock wall contractors near me for any questions you may have. At Fuller’s Landscaping Company we would be happy to offer any advice or help you may need.

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