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Split Face/Mosaic Retaining Wall

Split face mosaic retaining walls are great for adding some character to your yard. Split face concrete blocks are blocks that have been chiseled or split to give it a textured look. Mosaic means these blocks are installed in a series of 4 unit panels that can be arranged by concrete block retaining wall contractors randomly, to create some stunning walls.

Pros of Split Face/Mosaic

One of the biggest pros of this type of wall is that it is very easy to setup by either yourself, or by concrete retaining wall contractors. The blocks and components are small enough so that you have the option of a flat, curved, or circular wall. This gives you or the designer much more freedom in what they can do. Split face/mosaic walls are also very durable. This type of wall is built to retain an embankment up to 40 inches high, if it is installed with the proper drainage. Lapped joints prevent the rows from sliding over the below row.
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Cons of Split Face/Mosaic

Split face concrete blocks are very heavy makling it very difficult and labour intensive if you want to install it yourself. We recommend getting in touch with concrete block retaining wall contractors, if you want this type of wall built. The types of walls can also be a little more expensive. standard concrete blocks are a little cheaper than split face rocks, so if you’re looking to build a split face/mosaic retaining wall, your project may be a little more expensive.


Step 1

The first step will be to make the area where you want your wall. Use a shovel to mark the ground, and at the ends of the wall drive wooden stakes into the ground. Tie a string to each stake at the height you’d like your wall. If you are building a long wall, make sure to add additional stakes, as each stake should only be 8 feet apart. Lastly, use a line level to ensure the string is level.

Step 2

The next step is to dig a trench about 8 inches deep. When doing this make sure your shovel is straight down, so you are not disturbing the surrounding soil. Once your trench is dug you need to tamp down any remaining soil. Once you have done this, and about 4 inches of gravel and rake it smooth. The use your level to make sure the gravel is level.

Step 3

Now we are going to lay down the first course. When laying down your stones you want to make sure that each stone is level as you go. If a stone is too low concrete retaining wall contractors recommend you add some gravel below it. If it’s just a tad uneven, you can use a rubber mallet to hammer it into place. If you are building a mosaic wall, you’ll want to choose different colors in each row of stones.

Step 4

Now that the first course is down, it’s time to install the drainage pipe. Make sure your pipe is covered with a sleeve to prevent any clogging. Always make sure to place the end/exit of the pipe where you want the water to drain.

Step 5

Now it’s time to start adding additional layers to your wall. First make sure you sweep away any debris on top of the first course. Now you can start laying down more blocks, of course checking each one to ensure it is level, and using different color blocks if building a mosaic wall. When adding layers make sure you are also adding some gravel as backfill, so that you are covering the drainage pipe.

Step 6

Once you have finished adding all of your additional layers, it’s time to lay down the topper blocks. Make sure to sweep any debris off of the last course before laying down topper blocks. Use your caulking gun to lay down some a bead of concrete on the top layer to keep the topper blocks in place. Press down on the block firmly once you have added the adhesive.

Step 7

Once your adhesive has dried you need to add gravel to finish off the backfill and make sure to add some topsoil when you reach the desired level.

Split face/mosaic walls are one of the most beautiful types of retaining walls you can have in your yard, but they can be difficult to install on your own. If you are interested in building one of these walls look online for block retaining wall contractors near me for any questions you may have. At Fuller’s Landscaping Company we would be happy to offer any advice or help you may need.

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