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Preparing For a Gabion Wall in Kelowna

Preparing For a Gabion Wall in Kelowna

Are you hoping to build or construct a Gabion wall in Kelowna? Building a gabion wall requires preparation and in some cases, an engineer. Poorly built Gabion walls can be dangerous. If your Gabion wall is deemed unsafe then the city could argue that the wall should be torn down. However, because Gabion walls can be filled with all sorts of materials it makes them an economical choice. Additionally, depending on the material that you choose, the prep for the project will be different. Follow along below to learn more about the preparation involved with building gabion walls.

Building a Gabion Wall in Kelowna. 

Building a gabion wall in Kelowna does not happen overnight. Prep work and permits are required before you start building a gabion wall in Kelowna. Gabion walls filled with rock are incredibly heavy. That’s why they need to be built with the proper materials to be considered safe. Different gauges of wire are used in each project. The wire used is dependent on what materials the basket is filled with. Using the appropriate materials is necessary to ensure that the wall is structurally sound. 

Furthermore, the width and height of the wall will determine whether or not you need a permit/engineer. It is important that you double-check with local bylaws and your landscape contractor before starting construction. An engineer could be required in order to draw up plans for the right weight-to-height ratio as well as to advise the correct materials. Moreover, an engineer can help design the right size of the basket for your desired location. Walls that need to hold up a bank of land or resist water will be constructed differently. In some circumstances, a concrete foundation may also be necessary. 

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If you are looking to build a gabion wall, it is important that you look into the preparation. Without the right permits, plans, and foundation, your gabion wall may not be structurally sound. For the best results, we recommend consulting a professional landscape architect. Contact us at Fuller’s Retaining Walls today for a quote on your next project. We’d be happy to help you construct your dream retaining wall. In addition, for more information on Gabion wall prep, feel free to reach out to us. Be sure to check out our social media here for the latest updates and more. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

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