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Our Retaining Wall Contractors in Kelowna are Certified Allan Block Wall Installers!

Our Retaining Wall Contractors in Kelowna are Certified Allan Block Wall Installers!

At Fuller’s Landscaping, we believe that our retaining wall contractors in Kelowna must subscribe to a process of continuous learning and development. This way, we are always bringing our very best to the tasks at hand. Recently, our business undertook a course in retaining wall installation and became certified as Allan Block Wall Installers. This course helped to fortify our knowledge about several aspects of retaining wall construction. Follow along below as we go through some of the things we built upon during our course and why you should entrust us with your next project!

Our Certification Process, and Why Hire Our Team?

As we mentioned above, staying on top of trends and education is a cornerstone of our business. Without building upon our skills, we wouldn’t be the contractors that we are today. Undergoing certification processes like this helps us enhance our expertise and instills a greater sense of confidence in our customers! 

During the certification process, we strengthened our existing knowledge of key design patterns in block wall construction. We went over the techniques for success, as well as, what can go wrong when straying from best practices. In this course, another key area of education focused on estimation.
In a business like hardscaping, it is critical to have great estimation skills so that clients can get an accurate idea of cost, timeframe, and what the end product may look like. 

Hiring a business like Fuller’s that is committed to learning and building upon existing skills is essential. It guarantees that clients will receive only the best in quality and workmanship. Our team of contractors is dedicated to staying at the forefront of their field by furthering their skills with relative educational courses.  

If you’re interested in working with a team of landscaping professionals in Kelowna like Fuller’s, contact us today! We’d be happy to come give you a quote on your latest project or discuss what’s possible. Moreover, be sure to check out our social media for progress photos and past projects. We look forward to working with you! Don’t wait too late to book with us, our availability is filling up for peak season!

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