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Kelowna Retaining Walls Blog Recap!

Kelowna Retaining Walls Blog Recap!

Throughout the past year, Fuller’s retaining walls has written several articles about everything from verti-block walls to planning for a retaining wall! Whatever your landscaping goals may be, we have the content to guide you. Since 2022 is almost over, we decided to do a year-end blog recap to highlight all of our content from the past few months.

Continue reading below to see this year’s blog recap!

Spring & Summer Recap.

Mar – Hire a Kelowna Retaining Wall Contractor This Spring!

Building a retaining wall on a sloped property is a great way to create space and utilize the entirety of your land. However, some retaining walls can be extremely expensive. In this article, we went over the cheapest types of retaining walls that you can build on a budget!

Apr – Mistakes to Avoid From A Retaining Wall Contractor Kelowna

When building a retaining wall, there are lots of things that can go wrong. Learn more about the most commonly made mistakes and how to avoid them in this post. 

May – Equipment Used By Block Wall Builders in Kelowna.

If you are looking to build a retaining wall this year, hiring block wall builders in Kelowna is the right way to go. Their expertise and various kinds of equipment make building retaining walls easy. 

June – Preparing For a Gabion Wall in Kelowna

Building a gabion wall requires preparation and in some cases, an engineer. If gabion walls are not constructed properly, they can be dangerous or be forced to be taken down by the city. Check out the proper method for building gabion walls in this post!

July – Types of Retaining Walls in Kelowna

There are many different kinds of retaining walls that you can choose from. Finding a block wall that best suits your home is of the utmost importance to us. Learn more about the different types of retaining walls we build here.

Aug – Retaining Wall Landscapers in Kelowna Provide an Inspection.

If you are the homeowner of a retaining wall, it might be time to have an inspection done. Having regular inspections on your retaining wall is good practice to ensure that your wall stays intact. 

Kelowna Retaining Walls Fall & Winter Recap.

Sept – Preparing For a Retaining Wall Next Spring!

If you are considering having a retaining wall built for next spring, there are a few things you should consider. In this article, we went through a list of things to prepare/consider before you start constructing your retaining wall.

Oct – Remove Old Landscaping for a Retaining Wall in Kelowna.

Whether you bought a new home or want to renovate your landscape, starting with a blank canvas can be the best way to go. Once you remove the old landscaping, you can make room for new features like a retaining wall in Kelowna!

Nov – Why you Need a Retaining Wall Consultant Kelowna

Retaining walls may seem like a simple addition to the exterior of your home. However, they often come with lots of planning. Having a retaining wall consultant in Kelowna is a great way to start the process of building your retaining wall.

Contact us today for more information about Kelowna retaining walls. At Fuller’s, we would like to thank all of our awesome clients for another great year of building block walls. We look forward to working with you all in the new year. Be sure to check back next month for more information about retaining walls. Happy holidays!

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